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I Told You There'd Be More

Danielle Pink and Gold

This set is a lot to get through. We shot for hours, four costume changes, three different settings (though all in the same hotel room) so there's a lot to process.

I'm also mostly working towards getting them prepared for the assignment rather than my own aesthetic tastes but it's good to take a break every so often, take one of my favourites from the shoot, and put it out there.

And this is one of those favourites, mostly for the colours. I just love the tones.


Hey there! Ivytip sent me to your livejournal. She showed me the photos you did for her and I was well impressed!
Are you still looking for models? If so, Im up for working with you. Contact me on my email coconut_nikki@hotmail.com cos I have limited access to livejournal and myspace.
That's a really gorgeous photo. Well done.

I think you've really hit on your talents. Can't wait to see what you produce in the future, and what the rest of this set is like.