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Alternative Wycombe

Today I attended an event in High Wycombe called 'Alternative Wycombe', largely a gathering of photographers and alternative models but with the added benefit of live bands, a great venue, etc.

Skarlett (and Flynn) 2

Bruise Violet & Jade-Lily 2

Penny B

As you can probably tell by looking at the above it was hard work, networking and making contacts, no fun to be had at all. Mine's a hard life.

N.B. A point of interest, the backdrop to these photos is the dressing room at the Nag's Head in High Wycombe. It's heavily graffitied, as you can see, but what might not be immediately obvious is that the graffiti is largely left by bands that have played the venue, making it a historical document.

The Sex Pistols' signatures are meant to be in there somewhere. Not that I could find them.